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Prabhát Saḿgiita
(প্রভাত সংগীত)
Portal:Prabhat Samgiita
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Music and lyrics
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
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Welcome to Portal:Prabhat Samgiita. This portal is dedicated to Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's songs Prabhat Samgiita.

Overview articles

Audio files

For direct access to all of the Prabhat Samgiita audio files available on Sarkarverse, you have three options:

  • You may get browser-based access to our Web content and a community of people who like to hear and discuss Prabhat Samgiita. To receive a free user account for that, send an email. In that email, you must provide your full name, preferred user name, and a temporary password. Also, be sure to send the email from a valid email address to be associated with your user account. In most cases your user account will be set up within 24 hours.

NOTE: As this project is a work in progress and will remain so for the foreseeable future, no assurance may be offered in respect to completeness, accuracy, or quality. All that may be said with confidence is that you will receive the best content that currently we can provide.

Lyrics and translations

On Sarkarverse, each song is treated to a separate article. The lyrics are presented in both Roman script and Bengali script (Bangla). And each song is retranslated on a line by line basis. However, that project may take quite a while to complete. On prabhatasamgiita.net, the lyrics (Roman script only) and the original translations (perhaps by Acarya Vijayananada Avadhuta or Acarya Priyashivananda Avadhuta or Shrii P.D. Narayan) are all given on a single HTML page. For easier navigation and reference, on Sarkarverse that same page has been converted into one Wiki article with 5 sub-articles.

Earliest notations (Sargam)

The files stored here are digitized versions of the earliest publications of Prabhat Samgiita, booklets providing the melody in Sargam notation. The PDFs are re-compiled from scans of booklets or bound volumes that have been provided to Sarkarverse. The quality of the scans remains roughly the same as was provided. Whatever is missing in any folder or in any PDF is solely due to the fact that it was missing in the scans received. Note that the PDFs relating to Songs 1001 and higher are entirely in Bangla script. Currently, no Sargam notation is available to Sarkarverse for any songs in the 4001-5018 range.

Though these booklets are long out of print and highly unlikely to be republished in their previous format, the copyright remains with Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.


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